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職場人氣王的英文筆記【1書 + 1 MP3】

作者:Jacob Lentz & Paul Koehorst








Chapter 1 辦公室每日情境Meaningless Things to Say…
When You Arrive at Work on Monday Morning 禮拜一早上到公司
To People Who Get to Work Before You 遇見比你早到的同事時
When Your Carpool Picks You Up 同事來接你時
To a Coworker in the Parking Lot When You Arrive at the Same Time 停車巧遇同事
When You’re Late for Work 上班遲到
When You Come to work Hungover 宿醉
When You Come to Work with a Black Eye 掛著熊貓眼
To a Coworker with Whom You Share an Office 跟與你共處一室的同事交談
When You and Your Coworkers Work in Cubicles 與同事在辦公隔間工作
At the Coffee Machine 在咖啡機旁遇到同事
At the Copier 在影印時遇到同事
When Passing Someone in the Hall 走在大廳時,遇見同事
In the Elevator 搭電梯時遇到同事
In the Bathroom 上廁所遇到同事該怎麼說
At the Water Cooler 在飲水機旁遇到同事
At the Drinking Fountain 在噴泉式飲水機旁遇到同事
In the Break Room 在休息室遇到同事
At the Vending Machine 在販賣機旁遇見同事
When You’re Ordering In Food 點餐時遇到同事
When You’re at Lunch and the Bill Comes 用餐時,帳單送到你面前
After a Big Lunch 享用完豐盛的午餐
When You Send Someone on a Coffee Run 請同事買咖啡時
Before Heading into a Meeting 開會前遇到同事
If You’re Called on When Not Paying Attention in a Meeting
At the End of a Meeting 會議結束時
When You’re Starting a Conference Call 當你在進行電話會議時
When You Leave Work Early 當你早退時
At the End of the Day 下班囉
After a Bad Day 辛苦工作一天後
When Working Late 加班到很晚時

Chapter 2每個同事都是獨一無二的Meaningless Things to Say…
To Your Personal Assistant 與你的私人助理交談
To an Intern 與實習生說話
To the Building Security Guard 與大樓警衛交談
To the Person Who Hands out Office Mail 與發信件的人交談
To the Person Who Hands out Petty Cash 專門發備用金的同事
When the Travel Coordinator Gives You Your Trip Details 出差協調員通知你出差細節時
To the Tech Support Guy When He Comes to Fix Your Computer 技術人員修理你的電腦時
To the In-House Attorney 與公司常任律師交談 
To Your Boss 遇到老闆 
To a Workaholic Coworker 遇到工作狂
To a Stressed-Out Coworker 遇到超級緊繃的同事
To a Coworker Who Is Always on Their PDA 遇見愛把PDA拿在手上的同事
When Someone Won’t Stop Talking about Their iPhone 講到iPhone就滔滔不絕的同事
To a Coworker Who Can Type Really Fast 與打字飛快的同事交談
When Someone Complains of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome 抱怨手腕道綜合症的同事
To a Coworker Who Shows Up Late for a Meeting 面對開會遲到的同事
When Someone Asks You a Computer Question 同事問你有關電腦的問題
To a Coworker Who Sends a Lot of Email Forwards 與轉寄狂同事交談
To a Coworker with a Really Messy Desk 桌上亂七八糟的同事 
To a Coworker with a Really Clean Desk 桌上整齊劃一的同事
When a Coworker Is Playing Music Too Loudly 遇到愛把音樂放很大聲的同事
To a Coworker Who Sings All Day Long 遇到老是哼哼唱唱的同事
To a Coworker Who Loves to Tell Jokes 遇見愛說笑的同事
To People Smoking out in Front of the Building 遇見在大樓前抽菸的同事
To a Coworker You Catch Daydreaming 發現同事在做白日夢
To a Coworker You Catch Napping 同事被你抓到在打盹
To Someone Who Is Playing a Game on Their Computer at Work 同事上班打電動

Chapter 3同事的私生活 Meaningless Things to Say…
When a Coworker Talks about Personal Problems on the Phone 發現同事在講私人電話時
To a Coworker Who Comes in with a Hangover 同事宿醉
When a Coworker Wears the Same Clothes Two Days in a Row 發現同事連續兩天穿一樣的衣服
To a Coworker Who Just Got a DUI 酒醉駕車被抓的同事
To a Coworker Going into Rehab 即將去戒酒∕菸中心的同事
To a Coworker Who Just Got out of Rehab 剛出戒酒∕菸中心的同事
To Your Coworker Who Lost a Ton of Weight 減重大成功的同事
To a Coworker Who Complains about Being Single 抱怨沒人愛的同事
To a Coworker Who Gets Engaged 已經訂婚的同事
To Someone Collecting for a Coworker’s Wedding Gift 同事詢問你是否募捐同仁的結婚禮物
To a Coworker Who Gets a Mail-Order Bride 收到郵購新娘的同事
To a Coworker Returning from a Honeymoon 同事渡蜜月回來
To a Coworker Who Is Pregnant 身懷六甲的同事
To a Coworker Who Just Had a Baby 喜獲麟兒的同事
To Someone Collecting for a Coworker’s Baby Shower Gift 同事號召募捐同仁小孩新生兒派對禮物
To a Coworker Who Brings Their Kids into Work 邊工作邊帶小孩的同事
On Take Your Daughter to Work Day 帶自己的女兒到公司來
To a Coworker Who Sells Their Kids’ Fundraising Products in the Office 拿小孩的募款商品來賣的同事
To a Coworker Who Just Got Divorced 剛結束一段婚姻的同事
When You Bump into a Coworker Outside of Work 出外遇到同事
When You Bump into Two Coworkers Who Are Clearly on a Date 巧遇辦公室戀情
When You Bump into a Coworker at the Mall 在購物中心巧遇同事
To decline a Coworker’s Party Invitation 拒絕同事的派對邀約
At Your Boss’ Birthday Party 老闆的生日派對
To Your Boss’ Wife 與老闆夫人交談
To Your Boss’ Husband 與老闆的先生交談

Chapter 4同事的嗜好和著迷之事 Meaningless Things to Say…
To a Sports-Obsessed Coworker 運動狂同事
To a Coworker Who Is Really into Their Cats 愛貓成痴的同事
To a Coworker Who Just Bought a New Car 剛買新車的同事
To a Coworker Who Just Bought a House 新屋落成的同事
To a Coworker Who Is into High-Tech Gadgets 酷愛高科技產品的同事
To a Cigar-Obsessed Coworker 愛抽雪茄的同事
When Someone Is Way Too into Guns 「擁槍自重」的同事
When Someone Is Really into the Environment 你的同事是環保人士
To a Coworker Who Tries to Sign You Up for a Charity 鼓吹你投入慈善事業的同事
To Someone Who Has a Lot of Pictures on Their Desk 桌上放一堆照片的同事
When Someone Is Showing You Pictures from Their Exotic Vacation 同事拿出國旅遊的照片給你看
To a Coworker Who Eats Ethnic Foods  吃家鄉菜的同事
To a Coworker Who Eats Health Foods  吃保健食物的同事
To a Gourmet/Foodie Coworker 愛好美食的同事
When a Coworker Wants to Talk about a New Movie Release 同事想談論新上映的電影
When Everyone Is Talking about the Same TV Show 發現大家群起討論同一齣電視節目
To Coworkers Talking about American Idol 同事在談論美國偶像這節目

Chapter 5工作中的緊張時刻Meaningless Things to Say…
To Encourage a Coworker 為同事打氣
When Someone Has a Terrible Idea 同事提出爛點子
When You’re Praised for Your Work 你被誇讚
When You Exceed Your Sales Goals 你的銷售成績破表
When You Fail to Meet Your Sales Goals 你未達到銷售目標
To a Prospective Client 面對潛在客戶
When the Company Lands a Huge New Client 公司爭取到重要客戶 
When the New Sales Pitch Bombs 銷售不佳
After Your Team Finishes a Big Project 你的團隊完成一項重大計劃
To a Coworker on a Business Trip 與同事一起出差
On a Business Trip to… 到…出差
After a Fight with a Coworker 與同事爭吵
To Someone Who Gets Hurt on the Job 同事受到職業傷害
To a Coworker Who Wants to Start a Union 想成立工會的同事 
While on Strike 面對罷工
At a Team-Building Retreat 參加團隊進修營時
After a Sexual Harassment Seminar 職場性騷擾研討會後
If You Don’t Want to Get Sued for Sexual Harassment 如果你不想被控性騷擾的話
Before an Unexpected and Mysterious Company Meeting 在進行無預警且神神祕祕的公司會議之前
When They Bring in an Outside Consultant 公司外聘顧問 
When Your Company Is the Target of a Hostile Takeover 發現自家公司是下一個等著被惡意收購的目標 
If Your Boss Is Indicted by the SEC 如果你的老闆被證管會控告
When the Investment Bank Where You Work Collapses 你任職的投資銀行倒了
When Your Corporation Gets a Government Bailout 公司接受政府的紓困
When the Economy Collapses 經濟崩盤之際

Chapter 6 公司政策 Meaningless Things to Say…
To a Person Interviewing for a Job 遇見面試者
To a New Hire  遇見新進員工
To the New Receptionist 遇到總機
To a New Transfer from Another Office 剛調職過來的同事
To the Employee of the Month 本月績優員工
To a Coworker Who Got a Promotion 獲得升遷的同事
To Someone Who Didn’t Get a Raise 遇見沒有加到薪的同事
To a Coworker When Another Coworker Gets an Undeserved Promotion 沒有意外獲得升遷的同事
When a Subordinate Asks for a Letter of Recommendation 當下屬請你寫推薦函
When a Coworker Gets Another Job 同事換工作 
When a Coworker Suddenly Quits in a Huff  同事突然離職
To a Coworker Who Just Got Laid Off 被解雇的同事
When Your Boss Is Freaking Out About Possibly Being Fired 當老闆因有可能被開除而驚慌失措
When a Fired Employee Is Being Escorted from the Building 當被開除的員工正被陪同離開辦公大樓時
When You Bump into a Former Coworker Who Was Fired 巧遇被開除的員工
When Someone Retires 遇到退休的同事
When You Start a New Job 新手上任
When You Get Your Company ID Badge 當你拿到公司識別證
When You Get Promoted 當你獲得升遷
When Your Department Is Making Cutbacks 你的部門打算減少開支
When You Get Fired 你被開除了
On Your Last Day at a Job 最後一天上班

Chapter 7不是每天都會發生的事 Meaningless Things to Say…
When You Have Big News or Gossip 當你得知重大消息或八卦時
When You Surprise Coworkers Who Are Talking about You 當你驚覺同事在談論你的事
When Someone’s Office Chair Breaks 同事的辦公椅壞了
To a Coworker Running Through the Office 遇見在辦公室跑來跑去的同事
When Someone Accidentally Barges into Your Bathroom Stall 你在上廁所時,同事不小心開門闖入
When a Coworker Leaves the Kitchen a Mess 同事把廚房弄得一團亂
When You and a Coworker Are Both Staring at the Office Refrigerator, Wondering What to eat 你跟同事同時盯著冰箱裡的食物,想著要吃哪一樣
When Management Brings in Food as a Reward for the Staff 主管買好料送員工吃
When Someone Wants to Talk Politics 同事想要談論政治
To the Guy Who Really Wants to Be Your Friend 遇到想要跟你交朋友的同事
When You Absolutely Have to Avoid Having a Conversation 當你真的不想聊天時
When the Building’s Fire Alarm Goes Off 大樓火災警報響起
If a Wild Animal Gets Loose in Your Office 如果野生動物脫逃了
When Your Office Has Been Destroyed in a Natural Disaster 由於天災的關係,使得辦公室毀了
To Your Coworker If Your Error Just Caused a Nuclear Meltdown 如果你犯了可怕的錯誤,而造成核能外洩

Chapter 8生病、假日、週末,還有不上班的日子 
Meaningless Things to Say…
When You Call in Sick to Work 抱病上班
To a Coworker Who Comes to Work Sick 同事抱病上班
To a Coworker Who Is Back from Being Sick 大病初癒的同事
Before a Three-Day Weekend 三天連假來臨之前
After a Monday Holiday 禮拜一也放假
When You’re Working on the Weekend 週末要加班
On a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 禮拜二三四可以說什麼
On Casual Friday 便服禮拜五
When Working Indoors on a Beautiful Day 辦公室外天氣超好的時候
On the Rare Occasion that You Work Outside 偶爾在室外工作的時候
Before You Leave on a Vacation 出發去渡假前
On Your Birthday 你生日
Around Christmas 聖誕節來臨前後
Around Thanksgiving 感恩節來臨前後
Around New Year’s Day 新年前後

Chapter 9各行各業 Meaningless Things to Say…
When You Work in a Bank 在銀行上班
When You Work in a Restaurant 在餐廳上班
When You’re a Cashier 收銀員
When You’re a Dental Hygienist or Dentist 牙醫或口腔保健專家
When You’re a Nurse or Doctor 護士或醫生
When You Work in an Emergency Room 在急診室上班
When You’re a Pro Athlete 職業運動員
When You’re an Economist in the Economics Department 經濟部門的經濟學家
When You’re an Engineer 工程師 
When You’re a Superhero in the Justice League 正義聯盟的超級英雄
When You’re a Reporter at a Newspaper or Magazine 報社或雜誌社記者
When You’re a Police Officer 警察
When You Work for Jim Cramer 替吉姆克萊姆工作
When You’re a Lawyer 律師
When You’re a Commercial Pilot 商用機師
When You’re a Flight Attendant 空服員
When You’re an Air Traffic Controller 飛機領航者
When You’re a Teacher 老師
When You’re a Presidential Cabinet Secretary 總統內閣秘書
When You’re a Health Inspector 衛生評鑑員
When You’re Working on a Political Campaign 在選戰期間工作
When You’re a Fireman 消防員
When You’re a Paramedic or an EMT 醫務輔助人員或內科急救專家
When You’re a Cop and Your Partner Just Accidentally Shot an Unarmed Suspect 你是警察,你的搭檔意外射死一個未武裝的嫌犯
When You’re Local News Anchor/Reporter 當地新聞播報員
When You Work for Oprah 替歐普拉工作
When You Work for Donald Trump 替唐納川普工作
When You Work at the Renaissance Faire or Medieval Times Restaurant 在文藝復興或中古世紀風格餐廳工作
When You’re a Car Salesman 汽車銷售員
When You’re a Realtor 房地產經紀人
When You’re a Sushi Chef 壽司師傅
When You’re a Supermodel 超級名模
When You’re a Astronaut 太空人 
When You’re a Actor 演員
When You’re a Jockey 賽馬騎士
When You’re a Snowplow Drive除雪機司機
When You’re a Stockbroker 股票經紀人
When You’re a Pool Cleaner 清理游泳池
When You Work in a Bookstore 在書店上班
When You’re a Translator at the United Nations 聯合國翻譯
When You’re a Spy 間諜
When You’re a Roadie 巡迴樂團道具管理員
When You’re a Bartender 酒保
When You’re a Lumberjack 伐木工人
When You’re a Barista 咖啡店店員
When You’re a Sports Announcer 運動播報員
When You’re a Zookeeper 動物管理員
When You’re a Cook 廚師
When You’re a Valet 泊車小弟
When You’re a Commercial Fisherman 商業漁夫
When You’re a Gardener 園丁
When You’re a P.E. Teacher 體育老師
When You’re a Magician 魔術師
When You’re an Olympian 奧林匹克運動會選手
When You’re a Paparazzo 狗仔隊
When You’re a Plumber 水管工
When You’re a Crossing Guard 交叉路口警衛
When You’re a Delivery Person 送貨員
When You’re a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter 綜合格鬥摔角選手
When You’re a Consultant 顧問
When You’re a Librarian 圖書館員
When You’re a Bouncer 保鑣
When You’re a Bus Driver 公車司機
To Your Fellow Coauthor of This Book 跟你的共同作者說話時
When You’re a Wine Sommelier 酒侍
When You’re an Electrician 電工
When You’re a Bike Courier 腳踏車快遞
When You’re a Construction Worker 建築工
When You’re an Ambassador 外交大使
When You’re a Concierge 旅館服務員
When You’re a Make-up Artist 化妝師
When You’re a Plastic Surgeon 整形醫生
When You’re a Life Coach 生活輔導員
When You’re a TSA Security Screener 美國運輸保安總署安檢員
When You’re a Farmer 農夫
When You’re an Insurance Agent 拉保險員
When You’re a College Professor 大學教授
When You’re a Masseuse 女按摩師

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